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An enchanting new musical

Every story starts Somewhere. 

Somewhere, is a brand new Musical (2022) written by Sarah Bishop with music and lyrics by The Dunwells .

 It is a fantasy story that tells the tale of an enchanted kingdom and the shattered 'Somewhere' mirror.

Expect a delightful plot with comedic, dark and heart-warming spells complimented by brand new original music with powerful melodies and heart felt lyrics.

Somewhere is expected to take the world of Musical Theatre by Storm. 

Copyright for the original story and the script is owned by Sarah Bishop. The Copyright for the music is owned by Joseph Dunwell and David Dunwell with additional writing credits to Gary Linley, Sarah Bishop, Melody Reed and Kimberley Blount .

It promises to be an enchanting and exciting journey from concept in 2020 to development and launch in 2022 and we at By The Play are delighted to be presenting the premiere 3 night event at Guiseley Theatre in November 2022.

Tickets are now on sale. 


Tickets are now on sale for the premiere 3 night event in November 2022 at Guiseley Theatre. 

VIP Night - Friday 11th November. Tickets £22. Be there for the very first opening night. Be there to be the first to hear the new ,exciting and breath-taking music from The Dunwells and be introduced to the enchantment that is 'Somewhere' for the very first time. Limited tickets are available for this green carpet event, with a bar open before and after the show and the chance to experience a meet and greet opportunity with The Dunwells, the production team and the cast. 

To make a VIP booking via the Guiseley Theatre website you will need a password. Please email [email protected] for payment details and the password and then visit. 

SATURDAY 12th November. Tickets £19. Please visit

SUNDAY 13th November. Tickets £19. If you dare to attend on the 13th of the month please visit